Dec 12, 2018
The visual arts are a great way to excite creativity in a child. When a kid is encouraged to draw and paint, they are learning to see the world around them in novel and wonderful ways. Painting and drawing teaches a child to look more carefully at the world they live in and to translate what they are seeing into personal images of their inner world. As with all of the visual arts, painting and drawing allow what's inside the kid artist to be examined and contrasted with the way the child perceives the world she or he inhabits.

There is no toy now available that is better at exciting creativity in a child than the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel. Just like all the Melissa and Doug range of items the deluxe Standing Easel is formed to exacting specifications from 100% natural wood products and is intended to last thru years of use. The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel is superb for youngsters ages 4 through 10. Its height is adjustable, so it grows with your children. Also, the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel folds up quickly for easy storage and is strong enough that it prevents accidental tipping.

Yet another great feature of the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel is the double sided easel which features an extra huge chalkboard and additional massive dry-erase board. And there's a simple attach paper roller that permits your kid to brush and finger paint. All these features will induce any child artist to enjoy many hours sketching, doodling, sketching, drawing and painting to their heart's content.

The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel comes with the double sided easel itself, a chalk tray, paint tray, four colorful cups to take art supplies and of course the paper roller for painting. That is everything your young artist desires for years of creative fun!

The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel is one of the hottest toys this season. Get one whilst you still can and let the creativeness of your youngsters blossom

The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel Review

The Melissa and Doug brand name has become synonymous with quality in the eyes of lots of parents, so it's no surprise that the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel has been such a top seller in the world of toys for so long. Keep reading to find out more about this toy, and whether it's worth your investment.

Features Of The Melissa and Doug Standing Easel

* 2 sided wooden easel - 1 side paper roll (not included)/ dry erase board, the other a chalkboard,
* Folds up for easy storage,
* Comes with a sturdy tray on both sides to store art supplies (not included),
* Adjustable height for kids aged 3 and above,
* Locking paper roll holder keeps the paper in place,
* Includes 4 clips and a child-safe paper cutter.

What Do You get In The Box?

When you buy this standing easel you'll get the two-sided foldable easel, all hardware to put it together, and instructions. You'll also get the clips and paper cutter, but it doesn't come with the roll of paper or any art supplies. Melissa and Doug sell an art supplies kit separately if you need it.

Should You Buy The Melissa and Doug Standing Easel?

Although on first glance this standing easel may seem more expensive than the alternatives, most parents consider it excellent value given its quality. The fact that it can also grow with your child, as you adjust the height of the easel, makes it last as long as possible.

Kids under the age of three may find it difficult to reach the top of the easel, so it's recommended for ages three and above. Thanks to the fact that it's two-sided, two kids can easily draw on the easel at the same time. In fact, it's a good-sized easel that makes it easy for both kids to work together on the same side if they want to.

Although you may be wary of buying such a big easel for your child, the main advantage of this particular one is that it's easily folded up and put away (under a bed, in a closet etc.) if you need to. It's light enough that the kids can even move it around themselves if they want to.

In short, this easel is an excellent high quality choice for your children, and well worth the money given how long it should last them. It's easy for children to use, and easy to clean up afterwards. All in all an excellent product that'll encourage creativity and skill development in your child.

Dec 12, 2018
Okay, your child has discovered a brave new universe of enjoyment and enlightenment due to their  superb craft toys you bought them. That's great, and it is something that will help  your youngsters to create and learn to a much larger extent. The thing is, even though nearly all craft  toys don't would like batteries, you will soon notice that you wish to refill the supply of paint, paper and other such essentials. How do you do this rapidly and easily?

There are any variety of discount shops about right now, where you can get easy and low cost  art essentials for children's craft toys, many  are suitable for replacing supplies that  are used up. If you need specific types of paper for an easel, particular paints,  brushes, pencils or other peripherals, then try your local craft store or seek a crafting outlet  online. Make sure you take note of any measurements you may require so as to make sure that the supplies you purchase will fit with the craft toys at home. If you can't discover any accessible that are  suitable, then check out the websites for t